Burrel ID

Here you can find answers to a few common question about Burrel ID. 

About Burrel ID

Burrel ID comes with camera models supporting Burrel+, which are Burrel S12 HD+SMS PRO (manufactured after Sep 2021) and S22WA. The Burrel ID can only be found on the sticker on the cover of the Quick-setup guide when purchasing the camera. Burrel ID is in the form of XXX-XXX-XXX and unique to each camera. 


Note! Currently, other Burrel cameras do not support Burrel+ and do not have Burrel ID


Burrel ID is lost or forgotten

Since each camera that supports Burrel+ has its' unique Burrel ID, which is created during the camera’s manufacturing phase, Burrel support does not  have access to camera ID's for security reasons. By creating a Support ticket, we can track down the camera's Burrel ID. 

If you create a ticket to Burrel Support about Burrel ID, please enter the camera's IMEI code and attach camera’s purchase receipt. Without a proof of purchase and camera’s IMEI, our administrator will not be able to track down the camera's Burrel ID. The same guidance also applies to buyers of used cameras who do not know camera's Burrel ID. 


Note! You can find camera’s 15-digit unique IMEI code:

  • In camera’s settings: System -submenu -> Information 
  • In email if you have choosed "Send To" to email in camera's settings 
  • On a sticker in some cameras

We recommend that you also check out this article on our Support page for more information about Burrel+.