Remote control via Apps Burrel Control and Burrel+

Burrel cameras can be controlled remotely via text message (SMS) and app with certain limitations. This article will briefly focus on apps. 

If you want to learn some more about controlling camera remotely by SMS, which is possible with all Burrel cameras, please read our article found in this link. 

Note! The more different channels are used to contol the camera remotely, the more likely it is causing different functional interferences such as changes to camera settings are not saved permanently.

Burrel Control

Burrel Control is an old app creating SMS commands between your phone and camera. Burrel Control can be used with all Burrel cameras. The application is easy to set up, as it does not require registration. It is enough to add the phone number of the camera's SIM card in the application.

Burrel Control is no longer maintained and therefore no longer supporting newer phones. If you can not find Burrel Control-app in Google Play or App Store, your phone does not support this app. You can find our article about SMS Control here. If you already have Burrel Control in your phone, you can continue using the app even though errors may occure. 


If you have a camera that supports Burrel+ (S12 HD+SMS PRO manufactured after September 2021 or S22WA) and your camera has been added to your Burrel+ user account with its' Burrel ID, you can control your camera remotely via Burrel+. You can find more details about this feature in this article