Remote control via Burrel+

Note! All the instructions below apply to the old Burrel+ application. We will update the site for the new Burrel application when the application has been fully published and is available for all users to download from the app store. 

This article will briefly focus on how you can control your camera remotely by using Burrel+ App. That is possible with certain limitation. 



To control your camera via Burrel+, it has certain requirements. And they are:

  1. You have a camera supporting Burrel+. Your camera must be either S12 HD+SMS PRO manufactured after September 2021 or S22WA. At the moment other Burrel camera models do not support Burrel+, so the use of Burrel+ is currently not possible.
  2. You have installed the newest Burrel+ App version from Apple App Store or Google Play Store to your mobile, pad etc. 
  3. You have signed up to Burrel+ and created a Burrel+ account with your email you want to use as your username. In future you can sign in either by using your email or with Google. 
  4. You have registered/added your camera to Burrel+ with its Burrel ID and camera is successfully connected to Burrel+. If needed, you can find Quick start guides for installing your camera to Burrel+ here. 


Controlling the camera remotely in Burrel+

You can control your camera and change camera settings by using Burrel+ easily:

  • You can find camera settings in Burrel+ app when as signed in choose the correct camera under header "Your cameras" and push the wheel-icon next to your camera. 
  • Then you can see all camera settings, which are possible to change remotely in Burrel+.
  • Make all changes wished to camera settings.
  • Finally save the changes to camera settings by choosing "Update" or "Save" -button.
  • Changes to camera settings are now correctly saved to Burrel+. 
  • Camera will receive changes done to its settings next time it is connected to server (Burrel+). It happens when camera uploads a file or when camera automatically search for updates. You can specify the update search interval in camera settings (Menu -> Wireless-submenu -> Autoupdate Cycle). Please note that the shorter the autoupdate cycle is and more often camera is searching for possible updates from Burrel+, the more is camera power supply used. If you want your camera to respond to changes done in Burrel+ as soon as possible when changes are done, autoupdate cycle must be short. Then we recommend you connect your camera to an external power source (external battery or AC power). If needed you can find accessories in our webstore in this link


Note! If your camera does not send files nor automatically check for updates, changes made to camera settings in Burrel+ will not be updated in the camera. 



  • You can control your camera remotely in Burrel+ by using the Burrel+App or website If you are using both channels, please use the same Burrel+ username when signing in to Burrel+. A camera can be registered for only one user at time.
  • Burrel+App is updated latest, so we recommend using the Burrel+ app for changing camera settings remotely. 
  • If you are changing camera settings directly on the camera, remember to save settings to Burrel+ by choosing "UpLoad settings" in Wireless-menu. If settings are not correctly saved, camera settings might change. 
  • Currently there is no possibility to ask the camera for a photo in Burrel+. If you want this feature, it is possible by SMS Control. It is possible with all Burrel cameras. You can find more information about SMS Control here. 


Note! The more different channels are used to control the camera remotely, the more likely it is causing different functional interferences such as changes to camera settings are not saved permanently. That is why we recommend you use Burrel+App as much as possible in controlling your camera remotely, if possible.