Burrel camera warranty

Terms of warranty


This warranty is valid only if the product is defect during the warranty period for a reason related and when this guarantee certificate or other proof of purchase (indicating the date of purchase of the product, the serial number, and the seller of the product) will be presented together with the defective product. The manufacturer and / or its authorized service agent may refuse to repair the product, if any of the above supporting documents is not presented.

This limited warranty is valid only in the country where the product was purchased and subject to Tracker Oy/Burrel is intended the product for sale in that country.

The warranty period begins when the product is first sold to the end user. Burrel cameras have typical warranty of 12 months and rechargeable batteries for 6 months. Some products have exceptions and these are informed on the product package. 



Manufacturer warranty does not apply 

1. Wear due to normal use.

2. Indirect costs caused by the use of the product.

3. Defects that are caused by adapting or altering of the product. 

4. If the device has been opened by yourself, the device's warranty ends immediately.

5. If defects or damage resulting from abnormal use, misuse, or improper storage of the product 

6. The consequences of repairs made by an unauthorized service shop, seller or customer themselves.

7. Accidents or other similar causes beyond the manufacturer's control.

8. Tracker Oy does not grant a warranty for the various accessories that may be supplied with the device.