3G shutdown. How will this affect your camera

Operators in all countries have already shut down 3G services, or are planning to do so, in the near future. How this is going to affect your camera, is shortly mentioned below. 

When 3G network is shut down, cameras starts to run automatically in 2G network. 2G network will still be available in many countries for some time to come. 

If your device is supporting only 2G and 3G networks, device can not be updated to run in 4G network according to the current information. This needs more than a firmware update to be possible. Please notice that you can still use your camera to save pictures and videos on the memory card without sending mode even after operators have decided to shut down the 2G network as well. 

When you notice your device is connected to 2G network, please check following settings in your camera: 

Camera-submenu -> Mode.

In 2G network you can send pictures, no videos. For sending large files, like videos, 2G network is simply too slow. Please select as a mode either "Photo" or "Photo&Video", not "Video". If choosing "Photo&Video" as mode, camera is sending the picture and saving the video on the memory card. 

Trigger-submenu -> Trigger Interval.

2G network is slow, which means that device needs time to send the picture. For devices connected to 2G network, it can take 30-90 sec to send a file compared to 5-10 sec in 4G network. These are estimates, as the connection quality and file size also have an impact on the sending time. 

We recommend keeping the trigger interval at least 3 minutes in 2G network that the device has enough time to send the previous picture before taking a new one. No harm is done if trigger interval is even longer like 5 or 10 minutes. We recommend that you test different trigger intervals in order to find the best suitable setting for your device in that particular location. 

Wireless-submenu -> Image Quality.

The smaller image the better it is sent in 2G network. Smaller image means often worse picture quality, so we recommend that you to test different sizes/qualities to find the the best result. 

Note! In 2G network you can send pictures, but not videos. And remember to set the Trigger Interval long enough.