Defining an email address to camera settings

Setting up an email address in your camera settings can be challenging. In this article, you can find instructions on how you can add your preferred email address, or several, to your camera settings.  

Instructions how to define an email address 

To navigate in camera settings, you need all arrow keys, OK and Menu buttons on the camera. 

1. Move the camera's power switch either to SETUP or ON mode depending on the model. Wait until the camera has connected to the network before pressing the MENU button and entering to camera settings. In S22WA model the Menu button has four boxes. 

2. In camera settings, navigate to Wireless submenu by using the right arrow key. When you are on Wireless submenu, press the down arrow key and navigate to the row “Email : Enter”, the green row in the image (picture 1). Press the OK button on the camera after you have navigated and chosen that row.

Picture 1. – Defining the receiving email address.

Note! If you have a camera supporting Burrel+, and cannot find the "Email: Enter" row in the camera settings, make sure that you have selected "SendTo: Email" a little higher up on the same Wireless submenu. If the SendTo is Burrel+, you cannot define the email address.

3. A view of receiving email addresses appears, or four empty rows, if no email addresses are specified yet (picture 2). You should have the first row selected (the highest row is green). Press the OK button to enter the receiving email address.

Picture 2. – Receiving email address list.

4Now it is time to enter the email address. To do it you will need the arrow keys as well as the OK button. 

  • If you need, for example to choose the letter E, navigate with the arrow keys to that box with the letters D, E and F (“def” box). The box is green when you have navigated to the right box and selected it. Then press the OK button twice, or so many times you need, so the letter E appears on the row highest up on the camera screen. In that particular row is the text "" entered in picture 3. You can then choose another letter by navigating with arrow keys to the next box with the letter you need and by pressing finally the OK button times needed.

  • Special letters and numbers can be found by navigating with arrow keys to yellow boxes on the right side of the screen seen as viewed in picture 3 and pressing the OK button. Under the box "123" you can find numbers and "*#&" the special letters. When you want to swich over to type letters again, choose the "a/A" box. Press the "a/A" box more than once to change the font size. Special letters and numbers are entered the same way as letters.

Picture 3. - Entering an email address.

  • If there occurs an error in spelling, navigate with the arrow keys to “Cancel” box shown at the bottom on the screen in yellow. Notice that by choosing “Cancel” and pressing the OK button, you must start entering the email all over. You cannot delete just one letter. 

Note! The S22WA camera does not have a "Save" box. When the email you specified is displayed correctly in the top row of the camera screen (picture 3), press the Menu button on the camera. 


5. When you have finished and entered the desired email address, and you can see it correctly on the highest row on the camera screen, finally navigate with the arrow keys to "Save" box at the bottom on the camera screen colored in yellow, so it is chosen (the box turns green) and press the OK button (picture 3). Then is the defined email saved in camera settings. 

If you have S22WA as camera, press the Menu button on the camera when the email is correctly seen on the highest row on the camera screen (picture 3). There are no "Save" box in S22WA. Finally choose "UpLoad Settings" in Wireless submenu to save the email in the camera and server. 

6. After saving the email address, and for S22WA users after pressing the Menu button on the camera, you will return to the same view as shown in picture 2, but now only updated with the email you have defined. On the first row should now your email address be seen as you have entered it (picture 4). 

Picture 4. – The user's (=the receiving) email address in the receiving list.

If the added email adress is long, it may not be fully displayed on the highest row. Then you will see a white arrow after the email adress as in picture 5. If you want to see the full email address, first use the down arrow key to navigate to the correct email adress line so it turns green. At the correct row, press the right arrow keys. In this case, the full email address will be displayed as specified. You can move around using the left and right arrow keys. Press the Menu button to exit the menu.

Picture 5. - Receiving email adress is not fully shown in the receiving list.

If you need to modify the email address, first choose the correct row (it must be seen as green) with the up or down arrow keys, and then press the OK button. This will open the view shown in picture 3. Then choose the "Cancel" box and re-enter the receiving email address. Alternatively choose the "Delete" box if your camera is S22WA. Proceed according to the instructions mentioned earlier. 

How to define more than one email address

If you want to add more than just one email to camera settings, you can do it easily. Follow instructions mentioned above until you can see the same view on the camera screen as in picture 4. Then press the down arrow key once, so the green bar is on the second row. Press the OK button to start entering the other email address and follow the same procedure as entering the first email address. Similarly, you can define a third or fourth email address to camera settings. The maximum amount of four email is possible to define to camera settings. 

Picture 6. – Adding another email address to camera settings.

NOTE! The following information applies only to S12 HD+SMS PRO and S22WA cameras

Before exiting the camera settings completely, be sure to save changes (email addition) to the server as well. This is done in the view in picture 1, navigating down with the arrow key to the "UpLoad settings: Enter" row and pressing the OK button. Confirm the selection by pressing OK button again. If settings changes made directly to the camera are not saved properly on the server, the camera may lose them.