Default settings

In this article you learn how to reset the camera to its default settings, that is, what this means, when to use this and how to do this.


What is meant by default settings?

Default settings means resetting the camera to so-called factory settings. This automatically resets the SMTP server presents, and the camera starts using the default server (Burrel) to transmit photos and/or videos.


When to use default settings? 

Resetting the default settings can be used in the following situations, among others:

  • The camera has a sending issue.
  • The camera is being updated.
  • The camera has its own server settings, and you want to reset the settings for re-editing.
  • You have accidentally modified the SMTP server settings of the camera and do not know how to proceed.
  • The camera is sold on, and you want to remove all the settings you have set from the camera.


Note! If you have a camera with Burrel+ feature and your camera is registered to Burrel+, the camera will not be removed from Burrel+ when default settings. The camera remains registered to the Burrel+ user account to which the camera is registered. To remove a camera from Burrel+, you must delete the camera through "Your profile" on Burrel+.


Default camera settings:

This is one as follows:

  1. Move the camera's power switch to SETUP mode. If you have an S22WA camera, switch the power switch to ON mode.
  2. Press the Menu button on the camera. If you have the S22WA, you can find the Menu button on the top right of the camera, the one with four boxes.
  3. Press the right arrow key to navigate to the System-submenu (gear image in the top row).
  4. Use the down arrow key to navigate to the line” Default: Enter" and press the OK button.
  5. Press once with the left arrow key, after which the "OK" text remains inside the green "box" and is thus selected. Press the OK button again and the camera will perform default settings.
  6. When the camera language changes to English, if the camera originally used a language other than English, the reset has been successful, and the camera is back to factory settings.


Note! Default settings can be reset to the camera from the camera settings only. This operation cannot be performed remotely.


After default settings

After resetting, you will enable the camera as "new", so you need to specify the desired settings on the camera. If necessary, you can find manuals for the cameras still on sale from this link. 



Here are some tips we recommend you consider after default settings:

  • You can change the language of your choice, in the camera settings on the System-submenu, when you scroll down a line or two with the down arrow key, depending on the camera model, down to "Language: English". Once you have selected that line and it is green, press the right arrow key until the camera menu changes to your preferred language and press the OK button on the camera.
  • Default settings sets the receiving method in the camera settings (Wireless-submenu -> SendTo) to Burrel+ if your camera has Burrel+. With other Burrel cameras, the camera will start using e-mail as a method of receiving.
  • The rest of the settings must be installed on the camera, such as date, time, camera shooting settings, SMS control, email and phone number. Settings are configured directly through the camera menus.
  • If your camera has Burrel+ capability, you must save your settings to the server at the end, otherwise the camera will lose the settings after rebooting. To save the settings, follow these steps: Menu -> Wireless-submenu -> UpLoad Settings: Enter -> OK.
  • During the reset, the camera automatically retrieves SMTP server pre-settings and saves them in its settings. The camera then uses the default server (Burrel) to transfer files. If your camera has the latest software and has been reset, you do not need to modify the camera's SMTP server settings directly from the camera or through a separate setup tool (Wireless.exe) unless you absolutely want to do so and as instructed in the camera's user manual. The easiest way to set up and use the camera is to use the default server.
  • If you want your camera to use the default server, your only way to do so is to default camera settings as described on this page. At that time, the camera will automatically retrieve the default server settings and save them in its settings. Burrel Technical Support does not have default server information to share.
  • Once you have set up your camera to all the settings you want, we recommend that you try sending a manual test picture. You can find more information about this function at this link.