Black pictures (IR does not work)

This article focuses on black pictures taken by the camera. 

If your trail camera is starting to shoot black pictures, there could be several reasons behind this issue. Let us troubleshoot and explore some potential solutions:

  • Power level

Does your camera get enough power? The flash function requires a power spike from the camera. If the camera does not get enough power, the flash will not work. If the camera runs on batteries, try new batteries. Change all 12 batteries to new ones that have not expired. If the camera is connected to an external power source, make sure the power is available. Try the batteries in the camera if necessary. 

  • SD card 

What kind of SD card is in the camera? If the camera has a micro-SD memory card that is in an adapter, this may cause problems with the flash function. We recommend a regular SD size card for the camera. You can find our recommendations for the SD card from this link. SD cards can also break, so we recommend trying another card if necessary. 

  • Firmware

Does the camera have the latest firmware? If your camera has an older firmware, update the camera. You can access our "How to update firmware" article from this link, where you can find instructions on how to find the right firmware to your camera, how to update it and all the latest firmware versions for all Burrel cameras. 

Testing the flash

  1. Put the camera in a dark room.
  2. Turn the power switch ON position and at the same time shoot the front of the camera with your phone on video. You will hear a small click sound when the camera has taken a picture. Note the trigger interval in the camera settings (Trigger submenu) before the camera takes a new picture. 
  3. Watch the video you shot on your mobile. 
    • If you see a small and short flash when the camera has taken a picture, and the flash has worked properly. 
    • If the video is black and you do not see a flash, the camera is most likely broken and needs to be sent for service. You can find service instructions here.