Basic troubleshooting guide

There can be many different reasons for camera sending problems, but they can usually be fixed with basic troubleshooting. 


Before contacting support or sending the camera in for service, please follow the basic troubleshooting steps below.


1. Check that the SIM card is working and that the camera is connected to the network.

The name of the operator, network technology and signal strength should appear on the screen. When setting up a new camera, it may take several minutes to establish a connection. If the camera do not connect to network, please try another SIM card. 

Note! Pin code query must be disabled when using SIM card in the camera. 

  1. Put the SIM card in the mobile phone, tablet or similar
  2. Disable pin code query in the phone's/tablet's settings

2. Check that the camera has the latest firmware

New firmware releases contain fixes for known issues and in many cases are the solution to common problems. You can find the version table and update files from here

3. Check that the batteries / power supply are working

Test the camera with different batteries. If possible, test camera with a power supply. 

Note! Check the manual to see if your camera requires 6V or 12V external power. Incorrect voltage can damage your camera.

4. Check that the memory card meets requirements

Card maximum size is 32 GB with speed Class 6 or 10. We don't recommed using ultra-fast UHS-II (UHS-2) cards nor memory card adapters due to occasional compatibility problems with the camera. 

Note! Remember to unlock and format the memory card before using it 

  1. Check that the memory card is unlocked. Lock switch on the left side of the memory card must be slid up
  2. Put the new memory card in the camera
  3. Open MENU -> System -submenu -> Format

5. Test sending with manual test image

1. Turn on the camera, wait for network connection

2. Press OK -button to take the image

3. Press OK -button to send the image and the camera will go through the following steps: Setting -> Sending -> Sent 

4. Check the display for any error messages, if you receive an error code, please contact our support.

5. Check the Burrel+ / email / phone for the new image.

6. Try another receiving method

Try to change to the receiving method to mobile, email or to Burrel+. Cameras Burrel S12HD+SMS Pro and Burrel S22WA are compatible with Burrel+.