A manual test picture - a tool to test the sending function

A good way to test the camera sending function is to take a manual test picture. In this article, we will discuss testing the sending function and related, and the most common, notifications from the camera. 


Before trying the sending function

Before testing camera's sending function, please check following paragraphs:

  • "Mode", a setting found in Camera-submenu in camera settings. Mode chosen should be either "Photo" or "Photo&Video". You can test to send a photo only, not a video. 
  • That camera is connecting to the network. Camera should be in SETUP-mode, camera S22WA in ON-mode, connect to network and find the settings. When the camera is connected, you can see the operator, network and its strength on the screen. 
  • The camera has a SD-card. Without SD-card camera do not work. You can find our recommendations here.


How to test the sending function

You can test your camera's sending function as following:

  1. Move the camera's power switch to SETUP position. The power switch for camera S22WA should be moved to the ON position.
  2. Wait until camera is connected to the network. If your camera has a feature that supports Burrel+ (SMS PRO manufactured after September 2021 or S22WA), also wait until camera has retrieved settings. When the camera is connected and retrieved its settings, press the OK button on the camera. The camera captures picture manually and asks "Send this photo?"
  3. Press the OK button again to confirm sending. Different transmission stages are "setting", "sending" and finally "sent" or a possible error message. Depending on the camera model and network connection, this entire transmission phase can take up to a minute.  


On-screen notifications

Below are some of the most common on-screen notifications seen shortly on the screen when testing the sending function.



When the text "sent” flahes on the camera screen, then camera has sent the picture to your phone, email or Burrel+, depending on which you have selected for "SendTo" in Sending-submenu in camera settings. 


"Sent" but no picture

Check out the following proposed measures:

  • Check the camera settings "SendVia" and "SendTo" found in Wireless-submenu. Are these settings correct on the camera? Send the picture in MMS format to your phone and in internet format to your email or Burrel+. Try sending a test photo in a different sending method ("SendVia") or in internet-format to another email. 
  • If you have a camera with Burrel+ feature (SMS PRO manufactured after September 2021 or S22WA), have you finally saved the settings you made directly from the camera by selecting "UpLoad settings" from Wireless submenu in camera settings? If settings are not saved to server (Burrel+), the settings on the camera may change. 
  • File size. Especially if your camera is connected to a 2G-network, photo size matters. 2G network is too slow to send large files. Therefore, the sending may fail even if the camera sends the photo. Try sending a test photo with a different photo size and longer trigger interval. More information can be found in this link. 
  • Power supply. If the camera does not receive enough power, the camera will not be able to complete the sending. Check the power supply to make sure the camera has enough power to work.
  • SD-card. If the SD-card is full or broken, the camera will not be able to complete the sending. Check the SD-card. If necessary, format the current SD-card directly from camera settings or try completely different SD-card for the camera. Instructions for formatting and recommendations for a SD-card can be found here.


Note! If you have selected email for "SendTo" in Sending-submenu in camera settings, additionally check the following paragraphs:

  1. E-mail spam folder.
  2. Email folders. In some emails, pictures are automatically directed to a separate folder in the email. 
  3. Email security settings. Your email may classify photos sent by the trail camera as unsafe, in which case the photos will not arrive in the email at all.
  4. How large files your email receives. The camera sends files up to 25 MB in size. Some emails receive files up to 20 MB, so the file sent by your camera may be too large for your email and therefore won't arrive. Try sending a smaller picture and retest the sending function.


"SD Card Error"

This is an error message related to the camera's SD card. If an SD card is inserted, check that the SD card is open. The slider on the left side should be in the upper position for the camera to read the SD card. Format the camera's current SD card in the camera settings or/and try completely new SD card. Formatting instructions and our recommendations for the SD card can be found in this article.


"Failed", no error code 

If you only see "failed" on the camera screen, and no three-digit error code, this is usually due to either SD card or SIM card.

  • Check the SD card. Format the camera's current SD card in the camera settings and/or try a completely new SD card from a different brand. 
  • Check that the SIM card is working properly and that the subscription has all the necessary features. If possible, try a different SIM card in the camera.

You can find further instructions on formatting the SD card and trying a different SIM card, as well as our recommendations for SD card, in this link.


"Failed" and three numbers

The three-digit error code may often flash on the screen if the manual testing fails. The error code do not always indicate the root cause of the problem, but usually it gives us a better idea of the possible sending issue. You can find the most common error codes here. If the error code you saw is not listed, contact Burrel Support for further assistance. 

You can create a Support request hereIn the Support request, be sure to indicate which error code or codes were displayed on the screen. In addition, indicate what you have done to solve the issue. 


Note! If you are having trouble receiving a photo, we recommend defaulting settings in your camera and testing the sending feature again. Instructions on how to default settings can be found at this link.