Quick Start Guide for installing S12 HD+SMS PRO using the Burrel+App

Before you begin, make sure you have a working SIM card ready for your camera.


  1. Inserting the SIM card
    • In the camera box, you will find the recommended Burrel SIM card. If you wish to use it, go to the website elisa.fi/burrel, choose a suitable package, and follow the instructions on the page. Or if you are located outside of Finland, go to devicesim.com/burrel/.
    • If you already have a different SIM card, you can use it in your Burrel camera. Just ensure that the SIM card PIN code lock is turned off. You can check this by inserting the SIM card into your phone and changing the settings in your phone's settings. You can find more detailed instructions in your phone's user manual.


  1. Install the fixed parts of the camera
    • Attach the antenna to the antenna connector on top of the camera. Make sure it is securely attached and that the seal is in place. The seal may accidentally come off when removing the yellow protective film.
    • Open the front cover.
    • Turn the camera's power switch to the SETUP position.
    • Insert 12 AA batteries into the camera. Alternatively, you can connect a 6V external power source using the correct cable.
    • Insert an SD card (up to 32 GB, Speed class 6 or 10, or UHS-1) into the card slot, following the card symbol for the correct orientation. You can find more information about SD card here. 
    • Insert the SIM card.


  1. Activating the camera
    • Move the camera's power switch to the SETUP position. The camera will enter the live preview mode and start searching for a network.
    • When the camera finds the network on the screen, it will display the operator's name and network signal strength.
    • If necessary, try a different SIM card if the camera cannot find the network.
    • Remember to check that the SIM card's PIN code query is turned off. With the Elisa SIM card included, this is automatically turned off.


  1. Install the Burrel+ app
    • Download the "Burrel+" app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.


  1. Create a Burrel+ account
    • Open the app and create your own login credentials or register using your Apple or Google account.


  1. Add your camera in the app
    • Press the "Add new camera" option.
    • Give your camera a name for easier identification.
    • Enter the Burrel ID, which can be found in the quick start guide included with your camera.
    • Wait for the green light, indicating that the camera has been successfully added.
    • Enable notifications in the app. Make sure to enable notifications in the app to receive alerts for new photos.


  1. Checking camera settings from the camera
    • If your camera starts in Finnish, you can easily change the language. Press the Menu button in the camera menu, marked with four squares. Use the arrow keys to navigate to the settings wheel, press the down arrow to select "Language," and then choose your preferred language by pressing the left or right arrow keys. Press OK to confirm your language selection and exit the menu by pressing the Menu button again.
    • Ensure and, if necessary, change the camera's reception mode to Burrel+. You can do this by opening the settings from the MENU button -> navigate to the Wireless submenu -> navigate with the downward arrow to "SendTo" and press the right arrow until it says "SendTo: Burrel+." Then, save the settings by selecting "UpLoad settings" from the same Wireless submenu. If needed, restart the camera and exit the Burrel+ service gallery.
    • Check that the camera's capture delay is at least 1 minute. You can find this setting in the Trigger submenu (clock icon). Adjust the time using the side arrow keys. If you made changes, save by pressing OK, and then save the changes to the server as well (in the Wireless submenu choose “UpLoad settings”).
    • Tip! If you want to receive only photos, select "photo" as the capture mode, and if you want only videos, choose "video" as the capture mode. In photo&video capture mode, the camera sends only photos to the app and records the video to the memory card.
    • Note! Whenever you make changes directly to the camera, remember to save the settings to the server! This can be done by selecting “UpLoad settings” in Wireless submenu in camera settings.


  1. Taking a test photo with the camera
  • Now it's time to test the camera. When you are on the SETTINGS screen and see a live image from the camera, press the OK button to take a photo and then press OK again to send it. Wait for a few minutes, and the image will appear in your Burrel+ account. If this takes a long time, close the app and restart it. You can find more information here about testing the sending function. 


  1. Start using the camera!
    • Now it's time to start using your Burrel camera. Choose a location to place the camera. If needed, you can find more information about placing the camera in this articleWhen the camera is in your chosen location, open the front cover and set the camera to the ON position. You can now close the cover, and the camera is ready for operation. 


Congratulations! Your Burrel S12 HD+SMS PRO camera is now installed and connected to the Burrel+ app, ready to take and send photos. Enjoy remote monitoring of your camera with ease.