Example and information about the most common camera settings

In this article, we provide an example of how the camera settings can be used to enable the camera to send photos. Please note that there are no "correct" settings for the camera, as the settings vary depending on the need, but also, for example, the location of the camera. 

Before configuring the settings

If your camera is new and not yet set up, your camera comes with default settings. You can modify the camera settings according to your preferences. However, on Wireless submenu of the camera settings, you may need to add your phone number and email address if the camera does not send photos to the Burrel+ service. You may also need to modify the "SendVia" and "SendTo" settings found on the same submenu.

If the camera settings have been modified, the camera has been purchased second-hand, or you simply want to start the camera setup from scratch, we recommend resetting the camera to its default settings before making any adjustments. Instructions on how to default settings can be found here. 

Example of camera settings

Many of the settings listed below are the same as those found on the camera after the rest to default settings. Please note that different camera models have different features, so the camera settings will vary, as will the order of their settings. Due to different features, cameras have different default settings. For example, the default setting for resolution found on the Camera submenu is 5M for the SMS3 model camera and 10 M for the SMS PRO camera.

To access the camera setting, move the camera's power switch to either SETUP or ON position, depending on the model. Patiently wait until the camera has connected to the network and sent the settings. Once the camera is connected, press the camera's Menu button. On the S22WA camera, there are four boxes on the Menu button. 

Below you will find an example of what the camera settings may look like for the camera to send photos. 

Camera submenu

Mode : Photo

Photo Size : 10 M (default vary by camera model)

Trigger submenu

Sensitivity : Normal

Trigger interval : 1 minute

TimeLapse, Start-Stop and WorkDay: Off

System submenu
Clock : Continue. The clock time and update should be installed on the camera when it is set up. Check that the time zone is correct.

Time Stamp : On

Overwrite: On

Wireless submenu
SendMode : Instant

SendVia : Internet (Do not touch the SMTP server settings. Exit the menu using the Menu button if that menu appears on the camera screen)

SendTo : Email (Do not touch the SMTP server settings. Exit the menu using the Menu button if that menu appears on the camera screen)

Phone : Enter. Add your phone number here in 0401234567 format.

Email : Enter. Add your email to where the camera will sent the photo.

SMS Control : Always/On OR Off

Image Quality : 1,3M (default vary by the camera model)

UpLoad Settings: Enter (Applies only to SMS PRO and S22WA model cameras. Further information about this setting can be found below the "Clarifications to example settings" heading. 

Clarifications to example settings

In this section, you will find clarifications to the camera settings mentioned in the example.


Select whether you want the camera to take photos and/or videos. If you want the camera to take and send photos, select "Photo". If you want videos, and your camera supports it, select "Video" as the mode. By selecting "Photo&Video", the camera saves both to the memory card, but sends only the photo. For more information about whether your camera is sending video, refer to your camera's user manual or Burrel cameras FAQ.

If you select "Photo" as the mode, you can select burst mode, and the camera will automatically take two or more photos at the desired interval. The camera saves all photos to the memory card, but sends only the latest one.

We recommend a high resolution for sharper photos and videos. Higher resolution results in larger files and may cause challenges during the transmission. Choose the resolution based on your needs. You may need to try different options to find the most suitable one. Remember that the camera also sends photos at the default setting, which is a good starting point.


This setting determines how sensitively the camera responds to changes in infrared radiation in front of the camera and takes a picture. You can find more information about the PIR sensor and its different sensitivities here. 

Trigger Interval
This is the time interval before the camera takes the next photo. If the trigger interval is too short and there is a lot of activity in front of the camera, the photos may freeze and not be sent by the camera. We recommend a trigger interval of 1 minute to give the camera enough time to send photos even on slightly weaker network connection. If the camera operates on a 2G network, the trigger interval may often be longer than recommended, as transmission in a 2G network is significantly slower than in a 4G network. 

Time Stamp

When this feature is on, a black bottom row appears in the photo transmitted by the camera. This shows things like timestamp and camera power status.


When this feature is on, the camera automatically starts recording new photos on top of the old ones as the memory card fills up.


When the SendMode is set to "instant", the camera send the photo as soon as it is taken. If the "SendMode : Instant" is selected in the camera settings, you can press the OK button to specify the maximum number of files that the camera sends during the 24-hour period. Zero (0) indicates an unlimited number of photos and videos. Depending on your camera model, the default is usually either 0 or 50 files.


You can choose whether you want the photo as an MMS or a data file. We recommend choosing the MMS format when you want the camera to send a photo directly to your phone. The data format is the right choice if you want a photo either email or Burrel+. 

If you are using the Burrel+ app on you phone and want to view the photos sent by your camera in that app, your camera should send the files as a data file.

Note! Sending an MMS files may incur a separate charge according to your operator's price list. We recommend that you check your own subscription before requesting the camera to send a photo as an MMS file. 


The reception method depends on the chosen sending method (SendVia). Because data is selected as the sending method in the example settings, email is selected for reception (SendTo). If your camera supports Burrel+, you will also find Burrel+ as an alternative. By selecting Burrel+, the camera sends the photos it takes directly to that cloud service. 

If you select "Email" for SendTo, depending on the camera model, the camera's SMTP server settings may open on the camera screen. We recommend that you do not touch the camera's SMTP server settings so that the camera uses the default server (Burrel server) to send photos and sending does not fail die to incorrect server settings. By pressing the Menu button, you can exit the server settings. 

Please note that if you modify the SMTP server settings and want to use your own server settings on the camera, Burrel Technical Support will only be able to recommend that you reset the camera settings (default settings) and use the default server in case of problems to narrow down the cause of the problem. Burrel Technical Support does not have access to a non-Burrel server.


It is essential to save your phone number in the camera settings if you intend to use remote control via SMS (SMS Control) or receive direct photos from the camera in MMS format. The phone number should be entered in the format 0401234567.


The email address must be saved in the camera settings if you want the camera to send the photo directly to the email.

SMS Control

This setting should be set to "Always" or "On" if you want to enable remote control via text messages (SMS) and want the camera to respond to the remote command it receives as soon as possible. You can find more about SMS Control here. If remote control is not to be used, we recommend turning off the function. 

Image quality

Options vary by camera model. The default is usually the average size, from which you can either decrease or increase the file size you wish. Note that the file size is also increased by the resolution on the Camera submenu.

UpLoad Settings

Applies only to SMS PRO and S22WA model cameras. When making changes to the camera settings directly from the camera, always remember to save these settings also to the server. If settings are not saved to the server, the camera settings may change. Save the settings to the server by choosing "UpLoad settings".

Note! You can find more information about camera settings in the camera's user manual. You can find downloadable user manuals in PDF format for cameras still in sale here

Taking a manual test picture

Once the camera has been set up with the desired settings and is connected to the network, it is time to test the camera's sending function. Here you can find more information on how to take a manual test picture and the most common notifications sent by the camera.

Note! To work, the camera must have a compatible memory card. You can find more information about the memory card and our recommendations here.