Burrel cameras FAQ

In this support article you will find answers to frequently asked questions and help troubleshooting camera problems. 

Burrel+ Cameras

I changed the camera settings on burrel+ service, but the camera doesn’t change the settings right away?

The camera receives the updated settings from Burrel+ service when it sends a picture or video to the gallery. If there is no movement in front of the camera and the camera therefore doesn’t send anything, the receiving of updated settings are determined by the AutoUpdate Cycle –function. By modifying the AutoUpdate cycle you can define how often the camera checks for updated settings from the Burrel+ service.

Important: If you want the camera to check for updated settings frequently, we recommend using the camera with an external power source as using this function requires more power.

The camera is connected to burrel+ service, but doesn’t send pictures?

Check that the SD card used is compatible with your trail camera. The camera supports SD cards up to 32GB in storage. We do not recommend using SD-cards that are in an adapter, as these do not work as reliably

Check also that the physical lock on the side of the SD-card is not turned on. If the lock is turned on, the camera will give an ’’Card locked’’–message on the screen when switched to SETUP-mode.

Camera doesn't send videos?

Trail cameras that have the sending option for videos are S22WA, S12HD+SMSPRO and Edge HD+3G/4G. Other cameras that shoot videos store them on the memory card, but don't send.

If you have a camera that should send videos but doesn’t, check if the photo mode is set to ''Photo&video''. In this setting, the camera stores both photo and video to memory card, but only sends the photo. If you want the camera to send a video, switch the camera mode to ''Video''

Camera only sends a certain number of pictures per day?

The maximum number of pictures sent daily can be adjusted from the cameras settings. As a preset this is set to ’’0’’. The camera sends unlimited amount of pictures per day with this setting.

When does the camera start sending pictures when activating timelapse mode?

When you have set the TimeLapse setting as you prefer, the camera starts taking pictures with that interval from the time that it receives the updated settings.

I changed the settings directly from the camera, but the changed settings don't stay in the camera's memory?

When the camera is linked to Burrel+ service, the device gets its settings from the Burrel+ server as a default. If you change the settings directly from the camera, you have to send the settings to the server after changing them. You can do this by selecting ‘’Send settings’’ from the camera's wireless settings after changing them.

Other Burrel cameras

The camera does not send pictures?

If your device hasn't been updated, do it first by watching the instruction here.

Reset the camera to recreate the automatic sending settings. This is done as follows:

  1. Open the camera in SETUP mode and press the MENU key to go to settings. Go to System-page (gear icon).
  2. Scroll down the menu to ''default''. Press OK, and then click OK once more.
  3. The menu of the device will change to English. To restore the language you want, scroll down to ''language''. At this point, use the arrow button to move right or left to get your preferred language selection.
  4. Press the MENU button once, and go to sending settings (three rising bars symbol at the top of the screen)
  5. Go to ''email – enter''. Press OK, and enter the desired receiving email address in the blank line. After that, press SAVE to save the address.
  6. Press the MENU key and go to ''Phone – enter''. Enter the phone number that can control the device. To save the number, select SAVE.
  7. Press the MENU key a few times to get back to the camera view. In this view, you can see what the camera is shooting on the screen.
  8. Press the OK key and the camera will take a picture. The camera will ask if you want to send the picture. Press OK to send. 

If the image was sent successfully, the camera settings are now configured.  If something prevents the image from being sent, the camera will display an error code. Please take the error code and contact our technical support by creating the support request.


Sending image failed, but the camera does not give an error code?

Make sure SIM card PIN query is turned off. To do this, insert the SIM card into the phone and remove the query in the phone settings.

Burrel cameras support memory cards up to 32GB in size. Check that the memory card is compatible.

If the fault is not in the cards, update the operating system of the device. Update instructions and files can be found here 


The camera does not send a video?

Trail cameras that have the sending option for videos are S12HD+SMSPRO and Edge HD+3G/4G. Other cameras that shoot videos store them on the memory card, but don't send.

Most commonly, problems with video transfer are caused by camera settings. Check the following:

- Is the photo mode ''Photo & Video''? In this case, the camera saves the image and video on the memory card, but sends only the image. If you want the camera to send the video, set the photo mode to ''Video''

-Most email services limit the file size you can receive to 20MB. Set the video length and quality to eg. 720P/20sec. or 1080P/10sec. In this case, the file size will not exceed the limit.

If you cannot solve the problem, please contact our technical support by creating the support request.


The camera takes pictures too sensitively, or the pictures are ''empty''?

The motion sensor reacts to changes in thermal radiation. In winter, the temperature differences can be very large, which is why the PIR sensor can tell the camera to take a picture/video too sensitively. You can adjust the sensitivity of the motion sensor in the camera's shutter release settings. In winter, we recommend keeping the setting at ''low''.


The camera does not send all the pictures?

The trail camera sends one picture at a time. If there is a lot of movement in front of the camera, the camera takes pictures at a faster pace than it can send them. Because of this, in some situations, the camera's memory card may have more pictures/videos than it has sent to the email.

The time the file is sent depends on which network the device operates on. On devices running on a 2G network, it can take 30-90sec to send a file. 3G network 10-20sec., and 4G network 5-10sec. These are estimates, as the connection quality and file size also have an impact on the sending time.

We recommend keeping the trigger interval at least one minute. In this case, the camera is more likely to have time to send the previous photo before taking the next one.


The camera only sends a certain number of pictures per day?

The camera's daily send volume can be adjusted in the ''Wireless' settings.

Go to ''SendMode – Instant'' and press ''OK'' to change the daily limit. If set to "0" the camera will send unlimited amount of pictures per day. 

When does the camera take a picture with the TimeLapse setting?

When the camera's TimeLapse setting is turned on with the desired settings, the camera will start taking pictures at the set interval from the moment the camera's power switch is turned ON.

For example the user sets TimeLapse to take pictures every 12h. The user moves the power switch to the ON position at. 14.30. The camera starts taking pictures at 14.30, 2.30, 14.30, etc.


How do I update my camera's operating system?

See update instructions and files here.